Why Should You Care About CMV?

Although you may have never heard of it, cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a highly contagious virus that has infected more than 4 out of 10 kids and teens by the time they are age 19.1 While CMV may not cause major health problems when they’re first infected, it could have a serious impact in their future. CMV is found in bodily fluids such as saliva, so it is easily passed from kid to kid in everyday activities such as attending school or spending time with friends.

It may seem far off, but your kid or teen may want to have children of their own one day. They could pass CMV to their unborn child, which can result in birth defects such as hearing loss, vision loss, and cerebral palsy.2 (Cerebral palsy is a movement disorder that causes muscle problems. Often, babies with cerebral palsy do not roll over, sit, crawl, or walk as early as other children of their age.) Helping to develop a potential vaccine today may help protect their family later in life.

How Can You Protect Against CMV?

If we could advance research of a potential vaccine for kids and teens against CMV, we may be able to help protect them against getting this infection before it has the chance to impact their futures and their future children.

The CMVibe Trial is studying a clinical trial vaccine for CMV and is looking for kids and teens ages 9 to 15 to participate. Even if your child has been infected with CMV, they may still be able to join the clinical trial.

This clinical trial could also empower your child to give back for the greater good. By stepping in to help their community and advance treatment, they may be a part of providing future generations access to a world with better medicines.

What Can You Expect From the Trial Vaccine?

The trial vaccine being evaluated in the CMVibe Trial, called mRNA-1647, has already been studied in people ages 16 or older. All participants in this clinical trial will be closely monitored for any side effects. The most frequently reported side effects from other clinical trials with the mRNA-1647 trial vaccine include:

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle pain
  • Chills

You or another caregiver are welcome to be there with your child throughout the process, including all visits and phone calls. The trial will last about 18 months, with 11 scheduled in-person visits (including 3 injections), and 11 phone calls:

  1. Screening Visit (Before enrolling)
  2. Visit 12—Phone Call (Month 8)
  3. Visit 1 & Injection 1 (Day 1)
  4. Visit 13—Phone Call (Month 9)
  5. Visit 2 (Month 0 Week 1)
  6. Visit 14—Phone Call (Month 10)
  7. Visit 3 (Month 1)
  8. Visit 15—Phone Call (Month 11)
  9. Visit 4 & Injection 2 (Month 2)
  10. Visit 16 (Month 12)
  11. Visit 5 (Month 2 Week 1)
  12. Visit 17—Phone Call (Month 13)
  13. Visit 6 (Month 3)
  14. Visit 18—Phone Call (Month 14)
  15. Visit 7—Phone Call (Month 4)
  16. Visit 19—Phone Call (Month 15)
  17. Visit 8—Phone Call (Month 5)
  18. Visit 20—Phone Call (Month 16)
  19. Visit 9 & Injection 3 (Month 6)
  20. Visit 21—Phone Call (Month 17)
  21. Visit 10 (Month 6 Week 1)
  22. Visit 22—End of Clinical Trial (Month 18)
  23. Visit 11 (Month 7)

We understand that this is a big decision for your family. Participation is completely up to you and your child.